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Grid Shelf - Large

  • £313.00
Tax included.

The Grid Shelf offers a contemporary take on the nostalgic shelves we remember from childhood, adorned with delightful trinkets and knick-knacks. This modern shelf is skillfully crafted from 100% Oak, infusing a touch of Nordic charm into any home.

No matter which room you place it in, the Grid Shelf serves as a perfect display for showcasing your favourite pieces, evoking cherished memories with personal items and images.ÂYou can even use it in the kitchen asÂa storage solution for cups and glasses, keeping them within easy reach. Embrace creativity by using the Grid Shelf in various orientations, whether upwards, sideways, or even placing two shelves side by side. The possibilities are boundless, allowing you to tailor this piece to suit your unique style and preferences flawlessly.

Mounting: Mount using brackets. Raw plug and screws are included.

Quality: 100% Oak
Dimensions: H130 x L58 x W15 cm

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