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Siltaa Recycled Stool

  • £162.00
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In alignment with our eco-friendly commitment, we prioritize the use of recycled materials whenever possible. The Siltaa Recycled Stool is an iconic and distinctive creation, made by granulating and melting plastic waste, which is then molded to form this impactful stool. Embracing a fully circular life cycle, the plastic waste material can be reused and reheated, minimizing environmental impact.

The Siltaa Recycled Stool serves as both a versatile stool and a stylish side table, making it a functional addition to any room. Its durable construction allows for outdoor use as well, thanks to its water-resistant properties and excellent resistance to scratches and wear over time. With this innovative and sustainable piece, you can enjoy a sustainable and stylish accent in your living spaces.

Quality: Recycled Plastic, Plastic
Dimensions: H42 x L28 x W31 cm

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