OYOY Living Design

Noah Giraffe - Poster


OYOY is a universe filled with cute, funny and playful animals. Together with the British artist Moira Frith, we have created a series of posters, which are filled with colourful and beautiful illustrations of the recognisable animals found in OYOY's playful universe.

Hang the cute poster of Noah the Giraffe in our poster frame in ash.

In the mindset of TOGETHERNESS we have made an exciting collaboration with Moira Frith for the AW20 collection. Creating something together has been an exciting process, which has resulted in a number of great and unique posters that we look forward to share with you. Moira's universe is in many ways parallel to ours with the playful approach and perfect use of colours as the core element.

If you curious to know more about the collaboration with Moira, go check out our journal and read more.