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Kojo Bowl - Large

  • £47.00
Tax included.

The Kojo Bowl has an organic form and minimalist style. Its vibrant coloured glass makes it a versatile addition to any dining arrangement. You can mix and match colours from the Kojo series for a lively and celebratory atmosphere, or create a cohesive look with a single-colour theme, the choice is yours.

Each bowl is meticulously crafted by hand using mouthblown techniques makingÂeach piece unique, therefore size and colour may vary.

Temperature range -10Â degreesC to 90Â degreesC
Max temperature difference 50Â degreesC

This product is not suitable for microwave, oven, freezer, or dishwasher use.Â

Quality: 100% Glass

Dimensions: Ø22 x H6 cm

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