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Jali Glass

  • £15.00
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Fall in love with the JaliÂglassware series! Adorned with adorable spots and a simple, rounded-edge design, each Jali glass features a chubby rounded bottom for a perfect fit in your hand.ÂA versatile glass, your can use Jali for your outdoor summer table or even a contemporary Christmas setting.

Unleash your creativity by mixing the vibrant colours to curate your own unique Jali glassware collection. Available in white, amber, rose, and lavender. Handmade with love, every piece is one-of-a-kind, varying in size, shape, and design. Embrace the essence of Jali, where the name itselfÂmeansÂspots.

Quality: 100% Glass
Dimensions:ÂØ6,8 x H10,5 cm

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