Our Memories design Homes...

The Danish company OYOY Living Design A/S was founded in January 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. Shape, graphic, colour and natural materials inspire Lotte Fynboe and underline her motto: “LESS IS MORE”.

Influenced by traditional Scandinavian design, some of the products in the design line OYOY LIVING are redesigns of her childhood memories with subtle twists of Japanese design. Based on these memories unique designs are created with passionate focus on forms as well as functionality.

The OYOY MINI collection is a delicate collection created for children and playful souls as well as the homes they live in. All products are characterized by sweet timeless coloring and playful designs. The ideas and the designs are taken from Lotte Fynboe’s childhood memories. The memories of the original classics are redesigned and reconsidered to originate as OYOY Living Design products.

The choice of materials for the products is also based on these memories. It is expressed in products made of cork, brass and marble, as well as patterns chosen for kitchen towels, cushions etc.

Childhood memories remind us of a time of joy

The cute darlings in the OYOY MINI collection originate from stories and memories of Lotte Fynboe’s childhood. Generally, the childhood memories remind us of a time of joy and few worries - most adults find it longing for this time and the memories associated with it. Many adults remember the stories and tell them to the next generation - for example, all kids and adults know the stories of the jar of gold at the end of the rainbow and the tooth fairy that collects the lost teeth at night. These stories are told again and again - a tradition that is also inspiring to Lotte Fynboe.

”The overall OYOY Living Design mission is to create classic, functional and long lasting designs with unique details and alluring colour combinations. Regardless age, OYOY LIVING and OYOY MINI will be the favourite choice for high quality lifestyle designs”.