Article // Nynne Rosenvinge


Nynne Rosenvinge grew up in Jutland, Denmark, but has lived in Copenhagen for more than half of her life. She embraces this vibrant city and enjoys seeing how much the city constantly grows and develops.

Nynne lives in a small apartment in central Copenhagen with her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, and Sophia’s Italian dad, Fabio. They enjoy spending time at home and are always busy with a lot of creative projects in the apartment.

For almost 12 years, Nynne worked in Advertising as an Art Director, making print/tv campaigns, but her interest in design and decoration rapidly grew and now she spends most of her time designing for the interior and fashion business. ’I am very fortunate: My passion for design is my job as well as my hobby — whether it is “just” a small or a larger project, I am happy... as long as I can be creative’, says Nynne. Nynne is the owner of the webshop

The style in Nynne’s decor is feminine, pastel’ish and graphic. She loves to style their apartment with contemporary designs and combine these with vintage collectibles that have a story and “soul”. When she has to describe her style in three words, she uses the words: Feminine with subtle colors and a creative twist.

Nynne grew up in a huge, beautiful 150-year-old house, and if she still lived there, she would probably decorate each and every room. Her own room was, though it was rather small, in a soft pastel colour (no surprise) and she looved it! Though it was small, she used every space possible and that is something she still loves to do: To maximize minimum space and get the most out of “nothing”.  When it comes to home decor traditions, she loves to decorate according to seasons and holidays, and she has definitely been inspired by both her mother and her grandmother.

Nynne has constant ideas and projects waiting, but time and money is always a challenge. She would probably try to squeeze in another room in their 82 m2 apartment if possible. Another room would be another reason to decorate. A walk-in-closet with puff and brass shelves would be awesome. She is sure her daughter would love that too.

The last item Nynne purchased for her home was a pastel vintage lamp in glass and brass. However, Nynne is still considering whether it is fabulous or hideous. ’It’s different, that’s for sure’.

A feminine and playful design universe

To the question of what is Nynne's favourite design from OYOY Living Design, she answers: ’I have several!’ Nynne loves the graphic style. However, her striped “Toppu vase” and her “Toppu tray” are probably her most treasured OYOY items. She loves the combination of earth and pastel colours and the striped graphics in a simple form.

It is, among other things, Nynne's decor with colors that has caught our attention. The feminine yet playful and colorful decor is similar to OYOY's design universe. We have visited Nynne's home to learn more about how she uses our designs in her decor. We got inspired and curious to decorate with colors in our own homes. Maybe it can inspire you as well? You can find more inspiration about Nynne's use of colors in the decor at Instagram @nynnerosenvinge

In a world affected by COVID-19, Nynne has definitely experienced the increased interest in renovating homes and summer houses. Actually, this spring, she had quite a lot of people asking her for advice regarding which wall colours, posters and frames etc. to choose for their home-projects.

For Nynne, COVID-19 has definitely been an eye opener to how fast everyday life can change, and she really appreciates to live in Denmark with advanced technology making it possible to still be connected to the world, despite being apart.

In relation to trends in interior design in 2021, Nynne predicts: ’I believe in design with some link to nature (stone, minerals, shells) in subdued tones with one “crazy” bright colour’. Also, Nynne predicts that we will all aim to be closer to nature and use more plants and urban indoor “gardens”.